Tuesday, July 8, 2014

SOL 2014 Finding Joy In Summer

Do you remember back in the winter when we were all talking about the cold, ice and snow?  Some of us (perhaps even me) promised to embrace the wonders of summer (including the heat) and not complain even if we became uncomfortable!  SO, I am not complaining; however, I'm working to find joy (my OLW for 2014) in our recent weather!
  • This week, alone, I found myself awake in the middle of the night as the humidity climbed towards a perfect score!  I must admit, however, that an Italian ice at 3 AM is a guilty pleasure I could learn to love!
  • We've had storms so strong they ripped the flag and made short shift of the old porch chairs.  Yet, when they passed, we were able to dry off the table and eat outside basking in incredible sunsets.  
  • We've had drenching rains, the kind that causes rooms to flood and carpets to be ruined.  My Aunt has had to vacate her bedroom and move to higher ground; however, we did get her carpet cleaned so something good came out of it all!
  • We've had temps that have climbed towards the century mark; yet, my new car has one powerful air conditioner!   
  • The mosquitoes are hatching and the bugs multiplying; however, the Citronella candles have already been marked down to half off.  So, it's hard to complain! 
  • The snow peas, lettuce and garlic scapes are taking over the fridge; however, the joy of picking and eating them never gets old.  
  • The lawn is growing like the weed it is; yet, the exercise is good for us!
  • Last, but not least, for teachers and kids at least, there is less work and more fun than is possible when you are awaiting that early morning alarm or message!


LInda Baie said...

Love that happy sun badge at the top, Anita, & all the joyful positives you shared. You are having extreme weather again, yet I agree, it is still nicer to walk outside without a coat or snow boots as we did not too long ago. Enjoy all those good times!

Tara Smith said...

This is such a wonderful-ly summer post. Enjoy!

Ramona said...

Love all the ways that you found joy! Strong storms, high temps, drenching rains, and you still find the good in each of them.