Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some days, your writerly life merges with your real one!

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I have been deep into my own sort of historical fiction writing project for the past few days (thanks in large part to TWT and Betsy's writing group idea)  and I really wouldn't have minded a few hours on the computer during what I suspected was to be a humid-thunder stormy Sunday afternoon. I didn't totally "poo-poo" the idea because a little part of me really wanted to go.....but I did mention the pending rain more than once! 
Anyway, 11 miles or so into our journey, we were crossing the Walkway Over the Hudson when the wind began to blow across the bridge in earnest.  Even the Ferreris, who watch very few movies, have seen the historical fiction movie version of the Titanic's's sinking where Kate Winslet stands of the bow of the boat as the wind whips as her dress.  She was distraught and Leonardo DiCaprio saves her from falling into the ocean.  
"You should take a picture of this for your Slice of Life,"  he said as he stood there on the bridge with his hands extended.  So, in our not so correct, but safer version, here are our reenactments of that scene from the movie.  

PS We had to take each other's pictures because asking someone else to recreate the actual image would have been just plain weird! 
PPS We did realize that the railing was in front of us and you can be sure no risks were taken in the remaking of this scene!  
PPPS  Sweaty in the near 100% humidity, it actually felt pretty good.  Perhaps Kate was just hot and sweaty that night on the ship?


KristiLynne said...

Your pictures make me want to be there, humid and all. I love that your hubby is with you in your slicing!

Jaana said...

Love when writing becomes a family affair!Your reenactment photos look more real than the original ones!

Ramona said...

11 miles into your journey? Biking? Running? Walking? Love the pics. So fun when others help us find slicing moments!

LInda Baie said...

Love it, the walk, the story, and the reenactment. How fun is that, and the final words-hilarious! Perhaps she was sweaty instead of in love?