Thursday, January 19, 2017

MICE: Lead the way

I'm not sure how I stumbled on this blog on the internet; however, from the pieces I have viewed, this is one interesting resource for teachers!

The author, Alison, is a literacy consultant who has goggles of "stuff" on Teachers Pay Teachers. While she certainly did not invent Reading and Writing Workshop models, she is appears to be trying to provide resources to make busy teachers' lives easier!

Of course I wandered over to Teachers-Pay-Teachers and stared at her units proudly displayed in a format that is SO easy for teachers to use while I vaguely remembered how years ago, I worked long and hard to publish many units with the now defunct New Century Publishers.

I smiled a happy-to-be-alive and teaching in these wonderful times smile as I realized the WEALTH of resources teachers have LITERALLY on their fingertips these days.  While it is IMPERATIVE that we look critically at ALL of the information out there (including on this site), that is what 21st Century Learning is ALL ABOUT!  There is no reason to become a dinosaur and even though I value the cooperative learning that comes from workshops and conferences, we really can be life-long-every-day learners with the help of our mice!  I was thinking I might even make my grad students do their OWN searching for assessment sites....I'll learn from them....and THEN I can share with you!

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