Saturday, February 18, 2017

#celebratelu2017 More Small Miracles

I wrote about small miracles
Last week and
This week
There were more.

There were dire diagnoses
For a nonagenarian
Back to and then from
The big, bad medical center,
Yet, in spite of isolation,
In spite of the predictions,
She continues to fight
To get back home again.

There was an air-born branch
On a gusty afternoon
That hit my rental car
Causing some damage.
Yet, when I called,
Concerned, worried
About next steps,
They had a clear of a plan
To take care of it all.

There was a small miracle
Born to my son and his wife,
A baby brother to my 
First-born grandson.
With baby soft cheeks
A prefect nose,
Itsy-bitsy diapers,
Making tiny baby
 Gurgling sounds,
Wrapped like a burrito
Causing this Grammy 
To have a spring in her step
That belied the cold, winter day.

Who knew it was possible
To love your grandchildren
So very much?
Perhaps it is that
Grandchildren fill a space 
In your heart
You never knew was empty?  
Or perhaps a grandchild 
Causes your heart to
Grow a full size?


Ramona said...

Love this post. I'm totally besotted with my two grandsons. And I love your line -
"Or perhaps a grandchild
Causes your heart to Grow a full size?"
Congrats, Grammy. Enjoy all those happy snuggles and gurgling sounds.

Unknown said...

simply beautiful! congratulations Anita!!

Tara said...

Oh, congratulations, Anita - nothing like a grandchild to fill a heart to bursting!