Monday, February 20, 2017

#sol2017 Do you remember me?

"Do you remember me," she asked softly, hopefully?

My mind became a tornado filled with images of classrooms, names of students, glimpses of graduate students, places I have taught.....I'm not good with names anyway and on this particular day I had been up since a 3 AM phone call; thus, I knew my chances of a name-recovery on the spur of the moment were unlikely!

I studied her face trying to get an age, stage of life, in order to time-date-stamp her into some part of that spinning tornado. I think I sighed, eyes wide open, hopeful she would volunteer something. "You were my sister's reading teacher," she said while I held my breath aware I was still engulfed within a name-retrieval-nightmare!  "I always wanted to be in your reading club," she smiled, "I didn't realize until many years later that it was for kids who had trouble reading!"

I smiled, thankful for the hint but worried I would not retrieve the name of a student's sister!  "I'm coming up blank," I started to say; however, as the words came out of my mouth, her "phone beeped" and she quickly turned towards the door.

 "I'm sure I'll see you again around here as people stay for a while," she said happily as she quickly left to respond to whatever was on the beeper,   I sighed as she left the room, the tornado still swarming in the name-retrieval-part of my brain.  I have some time but I am a long way from name-retrieval.

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