Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Difficult Decisions

"What color do you want your bedroom," I asked.
"Well, in apartments you always have white walls,
So that is a big decision.........But.........
I think I'd like............... pink!" 
She finally declared.
So, she had a pink bedroom, finally.  

To stay the course or take a new job?
To retire or wait?
To follow your heart or to break a heart?
To stay in your comfort zone or start over?
To drive or not to drive?
To fight to the bitter end?

So many decisions we make
Over the course of a lifetime
They impact what we see
How we feel, 
Where we live
How we spend our days
The chapters of our lives.

Today has been a day
Of Very Difficult Decisions.
Some chapters are hard to write.    

1 comment:

Stacey said...

I'm sorry the decision-making process has been difficult for you lately. I'm one of those people who can make a decision quickly while my husband takes his time. Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing, which is why I usually go with my gut these days. I find that trusting my gut usually reads me in the right direction.