Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#sol17 Daily Dose of Words

"How can I make my child read? 
How can I make them like reading"
Parents ask me.
Expecting a magic cure,
A just right list
Of Books, Apps, Games, Tricks.

"Read to them, talk about books,
Tell them what you are reading,"
I suggest.
"Children imitate
Adults they admire
Let them see you reading
They will want to do what you do!
They will want to explore your book
Your magazines and newspapers."

When children
Live with, learn from,
Who share the power
Of reading
A Daily Dose of words
They will learn to love them
*My cousin,
A faithful reader
Known as Grump Grump,
Shared this precious image
Of a precocious reader
Holding HIS newspaper
In just the right way for him.
Clearly, he is approximating
Reading behaviors of those he loves.


Linda B said...

You're right, the photo is "precious." I have fond memories of reading the newspaper with my dad, and then with the children. My daughter shared the NY Times on Sundays with her daughters, but the 'daily news" seems to have departed. Fun post, Anita!

Mary Ann Reilly said...

Well I love the photo. It captures the essence of what you are writing. Modeling a love for reading daily at home best ensures reading interest. That along with choice. Thanks for this.

Amy Warntz said...

Your words are perfect. No need for worksheets or fancy programs, just read! Great post, Anita!

Ramona said...

Love this post and the precocious reader with HIS newspaper. Readers need to see that reading matters. "Let them see you reading." Wise words!

Carol Varsalona said...

Daily dose of words and reading is what all students need but how much time is really spent on independent reading in school and then let's see about home, Anita. I enjoyed your poem.

Loralee said...

Wise advice!