Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#sol17 Shoes That Make Me Smile

It was a Back-to-School-Monday-After-Spring-Break kind of morning and I lay in bed wishing, of course, like teachers everywhere, for One-More-Day!  Delaying the inevitable departure into the highway-traffic-adventures ahead, I checked my email knowing that at least one of my grad students was likely to have sent something for me to read in the overnight hours.

However, on this Monday morning, I found nothing from grad students, but something from Amazon that made me smile! I am not sure exactly how Amazon knows what they know about me; however, it seems there may be some smart "cookies" in cyberspace that know not only what we are searching for, but also what we talk about!  

Amazon is right. I have been searching for a new pair of spring-type "fun" shoes to carry me through his last quarter of the school year.  This pair is a bit more "flowery" than I was searching for, but they did make me smile!

L'Artiste by Spring Step Women's Fray Flat Sandal
Amazon is also right about this image that popped up in my feed! right.  I've noticed glittery shoes of late thanks to a little girl who points her own glitter-encrusted sneakers at every opportunity! I guess Amazon not only knows what I search for but also "hears" my discussions with a Little Miss! Surely, on this sunshiny morning, glittery Mary Jane shoes with wiggling butterflies would make someone I know smile!  Come to think of it, they make me smile, even though this last pair does not come in my size!

Mini Melissa Kids' Ultragirl Fly Mary Jane Flat


Holly Mueller said...

Isn't it amazing and a little creepy that ads like those pop up?! It really does seem like "Big Brother" is listening. Ha. Cute shoes can certainly make you smile on a not-so-excited-to-get-up-in-morning kind of day!

Linda B said...

Those ads do seem quite in sympathy with our wishes, Anita. I enjoyed the way you wrote this, connecting with other conversations too. Those glittery shoes are so cute!

Emily Culbertson said...

How funny that I was thinking of nature when I read your title and truly thought you were writing about the Amazon (rain forest and such), thinking to myself, "The only Amazon I will encounter has to do with shopping." Then, to my surprise we encounter the same Amazon! However, all of your shoes have the nature inspiration going for them! That's almost beyond coincidental when you add it up with all the other little ideas of suggestion!

Terje said...

The first pair of shoes I could quite well envision wearing in the summer. The second pair - maybe as adults we should dare to wear something like that on rainy days. Then again giving these to a Little Miss could also birng out the sunshine.