Tuesday, January 9, 2018

#sol18 I already know that

We've been doing school-wide "screenings" of late in an effort to be sure "no child is left behind."  It can be a bit "laborious" (and at times tedious) for those of us who are screening as we ask the same questions for reading and math again and again and yet again to one child and then another. 

Some students tell me they are "great" at math or reading even before we start the 5 minutes or so of screening; however, other students show me they are great at remembering by their answers.

Yesterday afternoon, "E" was flying through the math section of the screening. 

I began with "Which student is fourth in line....."

She chimed in with, "Was waiting for the bus.....," answering the question accurately 

I smiled and continued onto another question,"Which of these is the same as..." 

She finished my sentence and answered the question accurately, again.  "I already know that," she smiled.

I smiled but was clearly perplexed.  I knew she could not be reading the questions.  But, how could she remember...

SO, I asked, "How do you know the questions I am going to ask?"

She smiled, and confidently responded, "You ask the same questions every time.  I remember.

Yes, I do, I smiled to myself....recognizing the multiple meanings of my own response. 

If you ask the same questions, you will get the same answers!  

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Linda B said...

Oh my, with only a few questions, I'm not surprised. Perhaps they can be re-worded? FYI - I added your URL to the list. The one you left was not correct, close, but didn't work. Have a great rest of the week!