Tuesday, January 2, 2018

#sol18 OLW to guide the way

I had started to think about but had not started to obsess about my 2018 OLW when early in the morning, on New Year's Day, there were posts about OLWs appearing on Facebook and Instagram!  Clearly, others had settled on OLWs as 2018 opened! 

I do know the potential power of a OLW to shape decisions and focus thinking!  A few years ago, I chose JOY and the year was not only filled with happy celebrations but culminated in a huge family celebration!  I chose WHY NOT? one year, and the word became real when 2 miracles arrived 3 days apart changing my name to "Meme"!  Last year, I chose HOPE as my OLW...and 2 more miracles  joined my family!  

Thus, for 2018 I chose a OLW based on a little bit of inspiration but with a great deal of respect for what the word might do for my year!  At first, I was not sure this was a "sign" but four different posts in the past week with a quote from Ida Scott Taylor plus some soul searching lead me to a OLW for this new year...PRESENT!

Here is part of the quote that sold me:  One day at a time...Do not...grieve over the not be troubled about the future...Live in the present...make it...worth remembering.  Ida Scott Taylor.

So for this year, I am going to try to be PRESENT more. I am going to try to LIVE in the PRESENT moment finding the joy, hope and inspiration.  THIS will be a challenge as the sadness of the past still haunts me and concerns about the future can overwhelm me!  THIS will be a challenge as there will be MANY lasts and MANY firsts this year!  However, it just may let me focus on the people, events, and challenges of the moment!    


Margaret Simon said...

I chose the word Present a few years ago and wish I could choose it every year! It's a great word to continually remind yourself to just be. In fact I liked Present in 2016 so much that I chose Cherish in 2017. I'm ready now to move on to a more active word, Explore. This is a wonderful way to start a new year with intention. Happy New Year!

Deb Day said...

Being PRESENT is such a gift to yourself and those around you. Embrace it!

Maureen said...

Present is a beautiful, important word/goal. Love this! When I think of being present, I feel calm, observant,'s to your new year!

Linda B said...

The quote is indeed inspiring, Anita, and I can see how you might choose the word. Isn't it great how serendipity happens just at the right time. And you were "present" in order to see those messages. Happy New Year!