Thursday, June 21, 2018

I Will Miss

"My mom said you were retiring," he said casually as I picked him up for our reading club.  "She said you were re-tired! I promise I will be good and listen and get a star every day and not make you so tired," he said sincerely.  
"Where are you going?" his friend and current reading partner asked. "Are you tired?"

Usually, I assure 2nd graders, like this duo, that I will check on their reading in the fall.
Usually, kindergarten and 1st grade students ask no questions about the future.
Usually, I assure 3rd graders moving up that I will be checking on them and stopping by their new building as they move up to 4th grade.
Usually, I remind students they need to read during the summer to make me happy in the fall.
This year is not usual.

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"I'm not tired of kids like you, that is for sure! I am changing to be a teacher of teachers," I offered thinking they might buy into my idea if I sold it right!
"But you are a good teacher of kids," one of my group offered tearing at my heart and causing tearing my eyes. 

In my head, I heard the words of Kahil Gibran, "Your children are not your children.  They are sons and daughters of the universe yearning to be free."  
In my heart, I am sure the new "reading club" teacher will have new and exciting tricks up her/his

Yet, I must admit I will miss this kids like this duo:a reluctant reader and a student whose reversals are legendary.
I answered their questions honestly assuring them I would always be part of their memories of schools and that they were ready for a change.
I told them they needed to stay in touch and write to me.
I hope they will.

I will not miss the 4:45 wake ups.
I will not miss board/administrative and teacher agendas focused on "things" other than children's needs.
I will miss the students who found reading and writing challenging.
I will miss the miracle of struggling readers who begins to soar as the "code" begins to make sense.  It never gets old.  

"This sure is bittersweet," I thought as I pulled out the books and we began reading on this next to last day as Mrs. Ferreri, Reading Teacher.

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Ramona said...

Ah, a change on the horizon, filled with good things to look forward to and sadness for what you're leaving behind. Embrace both and know that you will be a force for good with the teachers you'll work with this fall.