Sunday, June 3, 2018

Persistently swimming

I swam 5 of the past 8 days!  Some days, the sun was already warming the early morning air and thus the water felt cool/cold. Other days, like this morning, the water was a warm respite from the cool misty air.

Each day, I have multiple excuses as to why I should not swim.  Each day, I persisted, hoping I would make steps towards my goal. Slowly, but steadily, I can see the changes starting.  New goals, so to speak, replacing old goals.

As I did my rotating breast stroke and crawl laps, my mind wandered, remembering students who needed to persist when learning to read was hard.  A,B,C,D,E,.......multiple students for every letter of the alphabet swam along with me...lap my lap...reminding me how persistence is important as we work towards goals.

I guess you become reflective as you approach the end of a good chapter of your life. For now, my short term goals are to swim, persistently! 

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Ramona said...

This is a celebrate post. You should link up with us a Ruth Ayres blog. Swimming 5 days out of 8 is definitely something to celebrate. My current goat is to exercise 4 out of 7. Trying to hit that mark of more than 1/2 of the week.