Monday, May 4, 2020

#sol20 Silent, Essential, Worker-Support

"Do you have the kids today?" my neighbor yelled from her yard.  Without waiting for an answer, she continued, "You should be sitting with your feet up this morning! after running up and down the driveway all week!"

I shared that my little ones were with their parents and asked, "How are you doing?" from a socially-ultra-appropriate distance.

"I'm OK," she replied,"but trying to get as much done as I can this weekend as I will have 3 grandchildren move in full time next week.  They haven't seen their dad in weeks and now their mom will also be quarantined from them because of her work at the hospital."

Perhaps I wasn't fully appreciating the gravity of the statement as the warm sunshine filled my soul on my "day off," but I foolishly asked, "For how long"?

"For as long as I can foresee," she sighed one of those sighs that comes from the toes. Then, quickly easing the tension we both felt. she continued, "One big concern is the computer. I am not  good at this Zooming classroom."

"I am guessing the older kids can help, but I can too," I offered confidently. "I can do Zoom! I can also get you a list of music you tube sites and other resources for the littlest one."

"I had not ever expected to need to do this," she said softly, "but the hardest part is the kids not seeing their parents and me not seeing the other grandchildren for the foreseeable future. Plus, in the fall...what happens?"

"I'm with you praying for a vaccine or a cure," I added sincerely.

Note: I've been totally quarantining and watching some of my grandchildren
while their parents work as this pandemic has closed daycare centers
as well as schools.  My grandchildren can, luckily, go home to their parents
at night. There are many grandparents and caregivers who can foresee no end
 in sight.  Here is a shout out to all those who have "come out"
of retirement or who are working "second shift", to help during this pandemic.  
Silent, essential worker-support.


Ramona said...

Daughter's furlough is ending. And I'll be watching her two while their dad works from the spare bedroom. Different times we're facing. I ache for the grandmother who'll be taking on the full-time care of children who won't be able to see their parents. Prayers for our scientists and front-line workers.

Carol Varsalona said...

Anita, your slice shares the harsh reality of Quarantine Life today. There are so many hardships out there. It is very difficult to live far away from my granddaughters who are 6 hours away. My daughter is also facing a situation like Ramona's but she has no options other than trying to make due with 2 parents working from home and 2 babies vying for their attention. Like Ramona said we need to pray for scientists and a vaccine.

Ms. Chiu said...

This line is so filled with emotion and the unknown: "'For as long as I can foresee,' she sighed one of those sighs that comes from the toes." So many sacrifices for our front-line workers and the domino effect on grandparents. Thinking of you and your community during these difficult times.

Stacey Shubitz said...

You’ve been at this for weeks, Anita. You are such a blessing to your kids. I know it is exhausting to be with the grandkids so much, but you’re amazing!