Thursday, March 20, 2014

#sol14 Day 20 Problems and Prayers

Sure I have problems, 
Reports, IEPs to print 
Folders to organize,
Student record reports pending,
Dishes to put away,
Piles everywhere,  
Clothes strewn,
Bills to be paid;
Worries about kids,
Frustrating people,
Piles of stubborn snow,
Concerns about next steps,
Stresses, strains, strife,
So much that I should do.

For those who would give all
To have any one of mine,
Be any one of their 


Jaana said...

Your last stanza is powerful! It touched my heart this morning.

Kevin Hodgson said...

Spring starts today? Yeah!
Now, will someone tell winter to get a move on.

Cindy said...

Before I even read your post, I was sitting here at my kitchen table enjoying the sounds of everyone starting their day, thinking how thankful I am for all of this. Gratitude helps to keep all things in perspective. Thank you for your reminder.

Holly Mueller said...

First fall, your house sounds just like mine! :-) Your last stanza is a reminder to refocus on gratitude!

Holly Mueller said...

Oops - typo - I meant to say "First of all..."

Michelle Haseltine said...

There's so much I love about this post. The title GRABBED me right away. I can relate to getting buried in all of those problems...but the end..the prayers...AHHH!!! Thank you! Loved it!!

LInda Baie said...

Robins were out this morning chirping away, Anita. I love that you're also thinking of other perspectives- Everyone has problems, & sometimes when I really "see" that, I stop & enjoy the day!

Terje said...

Our problems change when we look at them from a different perspective. Thank you for the reminder. Happy Spring, and may the problems vanish. Well, the snow for sure will melt eventually.

Michelle said...

I think many of us can relate, Anita. Feelings of frustration, but the reminder that we need to turn it over and pray and thinking about others who have far bigger struggles than me.

Tara Smith said...

So true...even on our worst days, we need to be mindful of those who are truly suffering.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so true. It is good to be thankful even for our troubles. Such a good reminder.