Sunday, March 30, 2014

#sol14 March 30 It's cold and rainy out!

When Jake came to visit, we had lots planned (long late night and early morning walks, some chase in the yard).  He certainly seemed excited, at least at first!  He panted, paced and panicked for a bit - 1 minute.  He snorted, snuffed, sneezed for a bit - 30 seconds.  He barked at a passing deer or two or three for about - 15 seconds.  Then, he settled into "guard dog position." 

We did get him out a few times and we tried really hard to take some long walks; however, it was cold and rainy - he would have no part in staying outside one moment longer than necessary. 
We did get him to play for a bit in the kitchen where the oven was on making it warm and cozy; however, it was cold and rainy - he would have no part in playing in that rain! 
We did put out his food and he ate ravenously - as if he had taken part in those planned long walks!
We did - all of us - settle down for some late night TV viewing - as if we had taken part in that energetic game of chase. 

When his "parents" texted to check on him, we sent them this picture. We could have added something like, "Busy day with long hike and serious game of chase in the rain." However, they would have known that was an exaggeration, so I went with the truth. "Tired after a busy day of guarding the door and my water bowl. It's cold and rainy out today.  Perhaps I will spend some time outside tomorrow - if the weather is better!"


Tracey Ferreri said...

Babysitting your "Grand-Dog" = parental bliss!!

LInda Baie said...

I miss having any pets now, so it's always a pleasure to have the grand-dogs visit. Sorry for the rainy cold, yet he looks as if he's just fine, curled up by the door. Maybe sun today?

Tara Smith said...

Love that text! It's still raining by us, and our dog will not venture out. Sigh.