Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#sol14 March 11Orange Slices On University Avenue and on the Internet Highway

As I paste this year's SOL image into my blog each and every morning, memories of that spring morning flood my mind.   It had been a long winter, as I guess most winter's in upstate NY are, and as the lilacs peeked out from the sides of those old brick buildings, the hill that had been covered with ice for many months had become as clear as a bowling alley!. Although I suspect there was still a chill in the air, sandal clad students were shuffling sleepily up the long incline known as University Avenue for early morning classes.  I suspect I had rolled out of bed, begrudgingly myself that morning and done little beyond brushing my teeth before heading to an 8 AM swimming class at the top of that long, steep, hill.  There was no need to be fully awake.  The walk and the impending pool would wake me in due time.

As we walked like "lemmings" up the hill to our various destinations, there was quiet acknowledgement of each other's presence but no talking and few smiles.  Then, slowly, but surely, as oranges began rolling down the street, we each rubbed the sleepies from our eyes and wondered if we were dreaming!  We were all awakened by the scene that ensued for just a minute or two.  Laughter, smiles, and conversation, ("Did you see that,") filled the street as the first few "sample" oranges rolled past.  For a brief moment in time, the hill became a long, orange bowling alley..

Most Syracuse students were either asleep or up in the "high rise dorms" at the top of the hill for that memorable moment in time; however, for those of us in the "low rent district" at the bottom, it was one of those moments you never forget.  Most Syracuse students looked at us as if we had partied too much the night before when we told them about our morning walk up the hill; however, our experience was confirmed days later when it was revealed to be a publicity stunt for the student newspaper, The Daily Orange.

Now, many years later, I look at our slices and I smile.  Most of those on the internet highway early in the morning must be wondering why all these orange slices are flying through cyberspace!  


Tara Smith said...

I could just picture that scene and the delight of you and your fellow students, Anita. Great story!

Catherine said...

Isn't it fun how memories sometimes come rushing back to us? Thanks for sharing!

maria.selke said...

That is so funny! I wonder why they did it so early in the morning, if the goal was a publicity stunt? Though I guess "early morning" means a different thing to college kids.