Friday, March 7, 2014

#sol14 March 7 The Stop Sign

I always thought  EVERYONE learns to read this sign as one of their first "words"!
 Stop Sign Clip Art
Now, I know differently.

As I drove down the Saw Mill Parkway, I noticed the black SUV in the "shoot," approaching the stop sign, on my right.  I never imagined that the driver did not know what that sign meant!  Rather than stopping or even slowing down, the driver gunned his engine, powering his car to fly through the stop sign and emerge onto the highway in the speed of light! 
Somehow, I did a "lateral" praying that there was no car to my left.  We missed by inches. I was so close I could not even see his license plate.  This time, we were all lucky.  

At school, I checked to make sure my pulse had slowed to within a normal range.
I check to make sure my legs had stopped shaking before I tried to stand on them.
Then, checked to make sure everyone, kindergartners included, could read this sign!



Jaana said...

That must have so scary! I am so glad that you are okay! Impressed that you can turn this morning experience into a teaching moment!

Julie said...

Phew! Glad you're OK! I'll bet none of your students ever buzz through a stop sign!

Tara Smith said...

Truly terrifying...I fear those SUVs, for often the people driving them think they have the right of way always. Glad you are safe, Anita.

Catherine said...

Every time I drive on the Saw Mill I feel like I've been on a race track! So glad you are safe!

LInda Baie said...

Oh Anita, life is too short to be in such a hurry. At least I guess that's the reason. My daughter was hit by someone who ran a stop sign when she was pregnant, but luckily it was on the passenger side, so turned out okay. Very scary. I'm so glad you're okay.