Monday, August 4, 2014

Sol 2014 Google Chrome Gets Confused

I suspect its not just me, but Google Chrome has been watching me.... Images pop into my social media feed that are the same or sometimes similar to where I have searched!  I must admit that all this makes me think of the George Orwell book, 1984!  At times it is helpful and at other times, I wonder if I should evacuate from social media and save my privacy! The other day, the juxtaposition of images was one to remember!
First up was a link to a site about picking garlic.  It's time to harvest those beauties but many of ours still had green stems; thus I had Googled to find out what others thought we should do! I was actually glad to scoot over to this site, again, and read about their harvest!  I decided to "follow" the site as it might come in handy again.  PS We decided it was time to pick the garlic - a messy but fun job!


The next image was a link to an Oscar de la Renta dress at Bergdorf Goodmans.  I have never worn (and will never wear) a dress anything like this (even in my dreams) and I've never been to Bergdorfs - not the site nor the store!!  However, I recently went to the Nordstrom's site (perhaps that is the "poor" cousin) and looked at some dresses that were nice, and pretty fancy at least by the standards of this teacher-weekend-garlic-harvester, but not in the same league as this O-de-la-R number!! I laughed out loud as I thought, "Google Chrome, you are confused this time!"  The dress is a $11,900.00 (OMG!)!  I was looking for something under the $119.00 price point!  . de la Renta G  

Now I might have just laughed this event off, but then I noticed that Stacy had pinned the same image with a remark about wearing it in her dreams and wondered if Google Chrome was targeting teachers?  If so, then Google Chrome is really confused! Seriously, Google Chrome, you need to know:
                                           NO TEACHER has that kind of money....
                                                       Specially not in August!   

PS If I had THAT kind of money, I would give the money (not the dress) to my son, a teacher, as a birthday present :)  

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