Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome Back: What did you do this summer?

For those in education, 
"How was your summer?"
Rolls off the tongue,
Those first words to each other.
Off the pen.
The dreaded first essay
That first assignment:
If I'd gone to Europe, 
There'd be too much to say.
Too many "small moments" to share.

If I'd stayed home,
Watched movies,
Read books,
Who'd care?

"It was good," 
I'll respond again this year.
Ever grateful that I chose the profession
That assures prolonged summers.
Knowing that so many others are envious.

I won't bother those with details of 
Dreams, Hopes, Prayers,
Trips to Europe, 
Backpacking tours of Nepal,
Oceanfront stays in Bali,
Expeditions to the South Pole,
All those stories are my own,
In my head.

I'll tell them of picking blueberries,
Snippets of love in the heat of the day,
Filling our buckets, hats, 
Eating our weight in warmed by the sun sweetness
That gushes in your mouth.
Toasting marshmallows under the Super Moon,
The warmth of the fire dwarfed 
By the power of family love. 
Sleeping under the stars,
Swarmed by mosquitoes, 
But not bothered,.
Snippets of View, Chew, Today,
What Not To Wear
Ice bucket tipping,
Great novel writing,
Great book reading,
Rocking on the porch
To the rhythm of summertime.

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