Friday, March 20, 2015

#sol15 March 20 Someone needs to self correct

Dear Mother Nature,
      We have a problem  As you can see on the weather map, above, there is snow, sleet and freezing rain expected for today!  In fact, at 6:45, according to each of the weather forecasters I consulted, we are assured snow.   In case you didn't get the message, "We're done with winter and ready for spring."  
     According to calendars and Google, today is your Spring Equinox!  You know what that means: the day and night are the same length and spring begins!  We did not want nor do we need any spring snow to keep the slopes open for another day or two.  We've had enough snow, cold, and ice.  We would like to feel your sunshine on our backs.
     As a literacy specialist, I tell my students that self-correction, or noticing that something does not make sense and fixing it, is an important reading strategy.  I'm certain that you will be very proud of yourself if you can self-correct this little glitch in our weather map.  I encourage you to look at your forecast and to self-correct while you still can. 
One of many faithful, weather watcher, who thanks you for your snowy-stay-home-from-school days most of the time but now is sick of snow and ready for spring
March equinox illustration


Molly Hogan said...

Love the quirky approach and tone of your post. I, too, am feeling the pain of a long, long winter. The temp was 9 degrees this morning!! I hope Mother Nature takes your suggestion to heart and revises. Looking forward to sunnier, warmer days!

make.share.give said...

Our weatherman mentioned snow this morning too. Happy Spring!

Linda B said...

I'm glad you're doing something about this weather glitch, Anita! Clearly, someone has to step up & take action! (Sorry. . .)

Michelle Haseltine said...

Haha! I love this letter. I am reading it as I'm home for a snow day. A SNOW DAY on the first day of Virginia! I hope Mother Nature listens to your urgings! :)

Becky Leff said...

I hope Mother Nature listens to you! Thanks for the chuckle! I think we might be getting snow here, too. (sad face)

Unknown said...

I'm all about those self-corrections! Haha.