Saturday, February 11, 2017

#Celebratelu17 Small Miracles

This week, I'm linking to
Ruth Ayers Celebrate This Week
 To remember
Small miracles.

Waking up from surgery
After a week in-between
Living and leaving.
Accepting the re-hab challenges
The scary Hoya Lift
Wrapping our heads
Around the long road ahead.

Flat tires that hold air
Just long enough
Till you get over the bridge.
AAA mechanics that appear
Like flannel-clad-angels
On cold winter nights.
Donut-sized spares
That against-all-odds
Traverse snow-packed roads.

Snow day calls, messages,
Time to talk to friends
Finish that quilt,
Watch Hallmark Movies.

A tiny brand-new miracle
Poised to arrive
Ready to be wrapped
In his father's arms
Around his mother's heart
In kisses from his brother
In that brand new quilt
From his Grammy.


Jennifer Laffin said...

It sounds like many congratulations are in order for you and your new miracle!

Alice Nine said...

They sound like BIG miracles to me. Congratulations to you and your family on your newest miracle. Nothing is so miraculous as holding a newborn grandchild. Blessings!

Maria said...

Wow! Your first stanza I was thinking, "Oh my gosh" then I continued reading as your poem flowed into all the celebrations. How exciting as I read the last stanza.

Terje said...

The poetic celebration is packed with feelings. The brand new miracle is the most wonderful.

Jane @ said...

So many reasons to celebrate. There's nothing quite like a new baby to make the world feel fresh, new and full of possibility!

Unknown said...

Isn't this the reason we celebrate -- to face the mess and be free to celebrate the joys! Congratulations on the new baby. I hope recovery from the surgery is going well.

Ramona said...

So much to love in your small miracles poem! I especially loved those flannel-clad-angels, Hallmark movies, and that new little one poised to arrive, and that beautiful quilt. Such joy in your words!

Linda B said...

I love the way you created your celebrations, each one a light to keep the week. And I especially love that baby coming and the sweet quilt.

Carol Varsalona said...

Your celebrations range in intensity but joy was found in each one. The last one is wrapped in ultimate joy. Be full of life during the recovery process.

Tara said...

I love the way you composed this - beginning with surgery and finishing with the birth of a new life. Just beautiful...and congratulations!