Sunday, April 1, 2018

#celebratelu Kindergarten Magic

I haven't joined this celebration in a while; however, "empowered" by March SOL and "inspired" by events in the kindergarten hallway last Thursday, I HAVE to come back!

I knew something special was happening when a one of our kindergarten teachers told me I had to stop by and visit her student's classroom library! I noticed quite a pile of obviously student-created stapled-paper books in the block corner, and to be honest, I could hardly wait to visit!  I grabbed my phone/camera on my way back down the hall; however, the magic in that room on the eve of spring break

"It's just like you write about on your blog," the proud teacher smiled, "writing for real meaningful purposes!"

I skipped back to my room knowing Lucy, Donald and the writing gurus were proud as well.

So on this first day of April, I celebrate teachers, like my colleague, who fosters reading, writing, and creativity in their classrooms while encouraging students to use their emerging knowledge of print to create their own versions of their world.

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