Tuesday, April 10, 2018

#sol18 SPRING Semester

In these parts,
Everybody is complaining
Protracted the winter weather
It has persisted into what should be 
Spring Weather.

Yet, as someone who has lived
The college semester system
For many, many years,
I think Mother Nature
Is just confused because 
She's back in school,
Stressed and working late for an 
Advanced Degree!  

For colleges, universities,
Spring Semester
Starts in the dead of winter
It's dark when grad school starts
We are assured of slick drives home
In weather that is not really 
Yet, the Spring Semester
Ends with flip-flops
Nights when it is too lovely 
To go to class!  

Yet, this weekend,
In spite of the cold,
I saw certain signs
That made me sure
Those days when it's too lovely
To go to class,
Are closer than you might think
When you wake up to snow.  

I sure hope someone
Reminds Mother Nature
You have to keep up the day joh
When you go back to grad school!


Stacey said...

I adore the way you liken Mother Nature's confusion to her pursuit of an advanced degree. From one professor to another, I think this makes perfect sense. After all, no one wants to attend class in flip flops! ;)

Cathy said...

Ha! I remember nights when it was too lovely to go to class. There is quite a change in weather across a semester. Let's hope we find those flip flops soon.

Michelle said...

Oh, this is definitely what SPRING is up to!! I hope she is learning a lot and she will not need to repeat this semester! The end of the spring semester is coming ... what a great slice!

Terje said...

Interesting twist to understanding the reasons spring has trouble arriving. The sunlight and warmth may distract from learning for sure.