Tuesday, April 3, 2018

#sol18 Living in the present

On Sunday, 
Eggs were nestled in the grass
Waiting to be found.
A neighborhood rabbit 
Stopped by with candy
A small bit of sand,
Washed from under the patio
Captured the imaginations
Provided enjoyment
Filled trucks with sand.

I thought of the week's sadness
I reflected on the holiday
I wondered how I could be so lucky
I pushed away my sad feelings
I forgot all the work awaiting me
I remembered my OWL
I focused on the moment
As I watched them dig

Do not grieve over the past
Do not be troubled about the future
Live in the present
Make it worth remembering.
  Ida Scott Taylor.


Judy said...

Fun time. It was a beautiful day and new beginning.

The Purple Lady said...

It's important to set aside sadness to enjoy the present delights. Sometimes, I forget to do this thing. Thank you for the reminder that it's a decision.

Deb Day said...

I always find Easter week a bit sad anyway, but it is the time to focus on being in the moment and appreciating what is before us.