Sunday, December 23, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

The smallest of gifts are the ones I treasure. There is a needlepoint mailbox, lovingly stitched by my mother in law, with the message, "May all you news be good." I still tear up as it goes on the tree. There are the hangers my daughter lovingly scoffed from a store going out of business that make my walk in closet look picture-perfect. There is a scissor device my son found probably at the end of the check out line at Home Depot that I use EVERY single day.

This year has been a very difficult one for so many people. There have been many small challenges, and many huge, life changing tragedies and thus I really find my desire for even a token package at an all time low. In fact, I do not "want" anything you could find in any store.

My kids are already pretty great (even if they do stress me out at times) and what I really want most is the opportunity to spend some quality time with them. My husband (who can make me batty when he wants to bargain shop in the middle of the holiday shopping mess) fixed my car and cleaned the kitchen floor this week, so what more could I want besides time for wonderful dinners on the porch?  My life is already rich with "things" money cannot buy: little children, big children, laughter, love, faith, hope. 

My "want" is not for anything that could be put in a box or tied with a bow.  I "want" to embrace the moments as they come, and when they come.  I "want"  to show gratitude, to do acts of kindness, to have hope, to find peace of mind and to share some good news.

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