Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twas The Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas
And in every room,
Not a creature was moving,
In spite of the need for a vacuum.

The children had gone home
To their lives full of potential,
With screw drivers and tape measures,
Signs of their new endeavors.

While I in my sweatpants
Took on the rest of the stack
Of case studies and papers,
Waiting for me to unpack.

When what to my wandering mind should appear,
But fresh happy memories
And thoughts of those I hold dear.

They've changed oh so much,
This family of mine,
There are new faces filled with hope,
Empty spaces filled with memories,
Once quieted voices filled with laughter,
Once lively loved ones moving slowly,
Familiar cookies and calories,
New versions of biscottis and calamaris.

I tried hard to focus,
But at times it was challenging,
The traditions,
For all of us, are changing.

Thoughts of those who are
Fighting for life.
Thoughts of little ones,
Far out of sight.
Thoughts of those
Who have left us,
Mixed with images of those
Traveling to share in spite of the fuss,
Thoughts of those who are stressed,
By work or the need for it,
Thoughts of those trying to create perfection
Of those who are depressed,
Thoughts of those who are worried,
Scared or in need of love.

I will soon forget most of the gifts
Bought and received.
I suspect what I will remember,
Will be the momentary happiness we achieved.

It's a good thing my grad students
All write like pros,
Today their papers are mixed
With new memories and their grades laced with bows! 


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