Saturday, December 22, 2012

When the semester is over.....

So, the kids think we just "go home" after school, like they do, and maybe do a little homework.  What they miss is that we go over their work; assess how what they did today so we can differentiate tomorrow; plan differentiated lessons; prepare for differentiated tasks; think about differentiated assessments;  obsess over what we might do for a reluctant learner; wonder if we should call / contact a parent; contact multiple parents; answer endless emails; fill our APPR binders with evidence ....the list is long.

When you ALSO teach grad school courses, the semester ENDS for students when they hand in their final projects.  They leave smiling and head off to celebrate leaving their professors with bags and bags of projects.  Now, my husband proposes that I should just toss them out and randomly assign grades; however, I could NEVER do that.  SO, I will be, for the foreseeable future, reading every single word in more case studies than you can imagine taking breaks only for family time, a bit of wrapping and a little cookie making at some point (nourishment).

Until then, check out these links and the articles within,,,some very good reading...even if I do not agree with everything :)'s good reading and better than anything I could write today...because I am lost in a sea of case studies!

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