Monday, December 17, 2012

Life: Fragile: Handle With Care

Long ago, a child ran up the attic stairs carrying a ceramic Christmas tree, a "homemade" but treasured memory from Grandma's house.  In spite of parental warnings about the fragility  of such "things," the artifact "disolved" into dust as the "tree" hit the floor.  Sadly, I cannot remember the words that flowed from my mouth in the moments that followed; I wish I could take whatever I probably said back.  I am sure there were some "I told you sos" interspersed with some "how could yous." 

Tonight, as an Ebayed replacement earned a spot of honor in the house, an older and wiser me assembled its pieces, I thought about the real message in this gift.  "Things" can be replaced, my heart screamed as I placed that ol' tree on top of a CFL lightbulb.  "Things" change and in the end "things" evoke memories but do not make them.

In light of the at times overwhelming sadness of the weekend and the week ahead, I am reminded that things, even lovingly restored cars and fine diamonds, are things.  It is sad when we lose them and we can shed tears of sadness; yet, they are "things." The people in our lives are a different story.  The people in our lives make unique and ever changing memories that cannot be replaced.  This tree is now a light in the darkness and a reminder of the fragility of life.   


Anonymous said...

The value of things is in that power to evoke memories and feelings. Even when they are lost, memories remain, and as you pointed out, it is possible to replace them. People are irreplaceable. Their memory remains, too, but there is nothing that can replace them. Life is fragile. We have so much to cherish in our life with our family and friends. We all have had such a stark reminder with the events in Newtown.

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh I say this ALL the time! I don't get attached to "things" it's people I'm attached to...because the people in our lives can never ever be replaced.

Donna Smith said...

The picture of your tree reminded me of ours sitting in our livingroom - and your post, of my post a few days ago:
Merry Christmas! May we all have the correct perspective on life and our blessings!

Stacey Shubitz said...

As always, things can be replaced... people never can be. As Nancy Tillman says (I'm paraphrasing here since the book is in my napping daughter's room.) there will only be one you.

maria.selke said...

What a great reminder. I got a bit snippy with my boys as they put some ornaments on the tree... but even those can either be replaced or repaired... or not.

Linda B said...

Wise words, Anita. Thank you for sharing the thoughts about what is really important.