Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sharing My Nemesis and Filling My Bucket

This is where
old photo albums awaiting repair,
special fabric I might someday use,
one of a kind sale notebooks,
craft supplies that I will need some time,  
torn pillows, blankets with holes, broken clocks,
unfinished craft projects, forgotten purchases, income tax files,
I share this real slice of my life
hoping it will spur me to
enter into this piled-high-sanctum
where the doors barely close, 
empty that which others might use,
place unusable items into garbage bags
find, I suspect, forgotten treasures.
Clearing this nemesis,
would fill
my "rainy-vacation-day" bucket
and knock off one "to-do-item"
on my summer bucket list! 


Kay said...

Your junk closet has already inspired good things--a poem. Unfortunately, my stash of treasures/junk has spilled out of the closet and shelves and in to the room at large.

Bonnie K. said...

I attacked my closet, calling to me. But no poem! You have that great poem, now you need my focus and you will feel so great when you are done, I promise
Bonnie K.

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Funny! We all have a "piled-high-sanctum" - I've conveniently forgotten to look at mine for a very long time..your slice is now making me feel guilty!

elsie said...

We all have those hidden spots. I am slowly conquering mine. I know you will be the victor in this battle.

Jaana said...

So nice to know that I am not alone in the "trying to clear stuff" mode. Perhaps during the next rainy day.

Anonymous said...

Stuff - my friend and my enemy. I understand it, truly I do. Do what feels right.

Linda B said...

You will find hidden treasures, and some to throw away. Give to a community garage sale-you'll feel good about not giving to the landfill! I just cleaned out & moved, had an estate sale. I still have plenty, & still mourn a few things gone, but it is good also not to have that burden. Fun poem!

writekimwrite said...

Hummm...I know all about this! :) Every summer I have grand visions of a complete house clean up but have learned to settle with the completion of smaller projects. It is true that I find treasures I had forgotten about. Happy discovery!

Anonymous said...

My nemesis is one side of my garage which is piled horribly high with so much stuff! The piles have been "straightened up" so many times, but I need to tackle it and diminish the piles. I don't think it would make such a good poem.