Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cleaning may be hazardous to your health

If you are like me, this will be just the excuse you need to curl up with a third cup of java and finish that book that is calling:

Dr. Ferreri reports, "There is clinical evidence that
cleaning may be hazardous to your health."
Perhaps I have spent my life avoiding unnecessary cleaning because I sensed this to be true.  I have always adhered to what I refer to as a keep the surface clean and shove it into closets mentality.  Yet, in the summer and on vacations, I sometimes succumb to a need for "deeper cleaning mentality" and empty out a closet or two as I attempted to do yesterday morning. 
When I pulled a box off the top shelf (that had been certainly resting comfortably up there for 7 years), an old camera tripod that had been sleeping on top of the box came crashing down on my head!  A trip to Urgent Care and lots of Dermabond were needed to repair the damage from my foray into the closet.  Now, I will forever be left with a nice one-inch scar right dab in the middle of my forehead as a reminder of just how dangerous cleaning can be to your health!

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Unknown said...

Ouch, so sorry Auntie!! Makes me think a second time about cleaning that closet thats on my "to do" list!!