Sunday, July 21, 2013

Through clean windows I see!

I take to heart Gibran's words,
Your children are sons and daughters of the universe
yearning for their own paths.
Choices, decisions, theirs, not ours.
I did come on strong about education,
to fulfill dreams you cannot yet imagine,
I did come on strong about the Golden Rule,
the need for God, prayer, thanksgiving in life,
the value of patience, towards self and others,
the power of love, laughter,
the strength of friends, on this journey,
the benefits of a career you enjoy, at least most days,
the need for persistence, through the hard parts,
of family, with all its ups and downs.
of finding joy in each day, 
My children have found diverse paths including:
Engineering, teaching, inventing,
Leading, researching, coaching,  
Dishwasher and car repairing, sewing,
And, alas, a professional window washer!
Yes, as the sun streams through my window this morning,
I am glad that I did not determine paths for my children,
I didn't even know I would treasure this,
Yet, Gillian Strickland's famous line (morphed)
jumps into my head:

Grateful am I,
Through clean windows I see -
I have a child 
who washes windows for me!
Clean windows are one of the greatest gifts ever!  The thought of washing my great room window was overwhelming but not fir Private home and business window cleaning. They would get my vote t even if I didn't know the owner well.    @MFerreri58
PS, If you live in the NY metropolitan area,
send me an email,
I'll share my wealth :)

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