Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Review: Children WANT to Write

Yes, there was a time when educators believed children learned to read first and then they learned to write (reports) for school.  People did not all become writers - only a few who were likely "genetically endowed with a gene that let them think creatively and write purposely about meaningful topics became writers

Yes, there was a time when good teachers, trying their very best had students copy poems from the board in neatly formed letters and called it writing.

Yes, there was a time when most teachers, all parents and most  children believed the best way to shape writers was to have them respond to writing prompts.

Yes, there was a time when I did not think of myself as a writer even though I DID think of myself as a reader. 

We've changed our thinking in the past 30 years and are on the verge of a second generation of students who see writing as  integral to the literacy-learning experience. This book takes us back to the roots of the writing movement that catapulted writing into a new orbit in our schools. 

It's important to know from whence we came so that we can understand the past and secure the future.

It's a good and an important read and perspective to know - for us all.

The Original Book
Thanks, Mary Lynne, I read this one too!

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