Thursday, July 4, 2013

CCSS: Memoirs

'Wartimes Remembered: World War II and Korea,' a book written and published by the residents and veterans at Woodland Pond at New Paltz, a senior living community in the mid-Hudson Valley.
In today's Poughkeepsie Journal there is an interesting article about a book written by a group of people at Woodlands Pond, a retirement community in New Paltz, NY.  I read the article this Fourth of July morning as an American citizen and as a teacher trying to unpack the CCSS this summer.  Amazingly, this book captured my interest on many levels and so I share this, ordered but not yet read, because it really might be just the kind of text the CCSS want us to use AND it might just be the perspective we, as American citizens need so that we learn from the memoirs of others. 

So here is a SINCERE thank you to all those who share their memories of life on the front lines and keeping the home fires burning.  Here is also a reminder that we ALL serve through what we do to help those around us as teachers, firefighters, police, and as food service workers!  And, yes, we all have important stories to share if we stop to reflect on the "small moments" of our lives.

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