Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#sol17 March 14 I Wish You More

I learned  Amy Rosenthal passed away this morning and so it is with great sadness and deep respect that I share this post drafted yesterday about her I Wish You More.

I found I Wish You More almost 2 years ago and I bought it to be a mentor text for my reluctant writers. It has. We've wished each other more hugs than hits, more snuggly puppies than barking dogs, more nice brothers than mean sisters, more nice baby sitters than mean ones, and more love than hate! It is a lesson that always prompts some interesting thoughts and some personally meaningful writing at home. I've given it more times than I can remember for baby showers and birthdays!!

I'm thinking of I Wish You More as I sit here on a snowy day morning that is impacting many of us in the Northeast and the juxtaposition within rings clearly this morning.

So with deep respect for this powerful format borrowed from a great mentor text by an author we will miss, here is my wish for those of us impacted by today's storm.

I wish you just enough to get a "snow day"
But not a dangerous snowfall.
I wish you a pot of hot tea and a good book
But not a power outage.
I wish you time to do puzzles or play Monopoly
But not to be snowbound for days.
I wish you the papers you need to do income tax 
(if you still need to do so, like me)
But not a day consumed by searching for missing papers!
I wish you more happy moments with those you love
Than stressful hours shoveling snow. 
I wish you the power of I Wish You More
To continue Amy Rosenthal's memeory
To notice the happy moments 
That sit next to the stressful ones each day.


Krista said...

Beautiful and perfect.
Thank you ... and I wish you all these things on your snowbound day.

Ms. K said...

I love this format! Amy Rosenthal was such a gem, and I was so sad to hear that she had passed. Thanks for letting her words live on.

Tara said...

Oh, this was just perfect for today. Thanks, Anita.

Aggiekesler said...

Today is a sad day indeed. AKR was such a blessing to many, and I am sad to see her taken too soon. Your version was a lovely tribute!

Miss Murphy said...

Her story is so sad. What a loss to children's literature and teachers everywhere. Love your poem. Beautiful.

Lisa Vahey said...

I'm inspired by your post... so many of us Slicers are mourning her. You took the sadness and used it to spread joy -- she'd LOVE that!!!

Katie TheLogonauts said...

Beautiful. Love that you shared this book as a mentor with your students! I sliced about Amy today too - and shared links to our own OK book that was much-enjoyed by my third graders.

BK said...

It's so easy to want more and remember what you have... and that should be enough...

Diane Anderson said...

I think this was a good way to honor a person like Amy...and a sweet message for us all.