Sunday, March 26, 2017

#sol17 Day 26 Signs of Hope

It was quiet, dreary
Clouds hanging low
Dampness filling the air
When I headed out to walk
Not sure if it was me
Or the weather
Hoping to clear my head 
Hoping to settle my heart
Hoping to remember
Hoping to forget.

So glad I went
In spite of the mist
The park was full 
Of people, pets, and
Good Mornings
Of birds chirping passionately
Of trees with a red aura
Of crocuses trying to come out
Of signs of hope.


shogem said...

I have had many days where I am reluctant to walk, especially when the weather is a bit drab. I do find that when I push through and go despite my thoughts I am in a much better mood when I am done.

Fran said...

Many will relate to your mood. I especially like the lines "hoping to remember, hoping to forget." Lovely poem about how good it is to get our of ourselves- go for a walk. Just do it, right? :)

Terje said...

Walking has magical power -helping to clear the mind and settle the heart. I am glad you found the signs of hope during your walk.

arjeha said...

So glad a dreary day turned into one with sighs of hope. Taking that first step has the power to change the day.

Tara said...

Walks are like that, aren't they? Even on a dreary day they give you what you need for hope and joy. Good for you that you went!

Unknown said...

I could feel the mood change in your writing.

mcoop1st said...

I have had many days I have done that! I bet you get a lot more done around the house because you took the time to clear your mind and exercise! Great job!

Linda B said...

Nature keeps me happy, no matter the weather. I'm glad you went, Anita.