Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#SOL17 Comments

"When I comment during this SOL Challenge, I always remember my first time.  It was March 1, 2012, and I was trying to figure out why I was feeling compelled to be write for people who would never read my words.....But I had a new tablet and wrote about it..

Late that first night,  Wendi Richert said, "your post really grabbed me! I love how you described messing with your new tablet and reluctantly putting it away to cook dinner."  

Then, a few minutes later, Elsie, who still writes and still inspires me connected with my fears and told me about how she had joined the SOL community the year before.  She assured me that this challenge, "Does change one- in a good way."

Then, when I had fallen asleep but was already thinking about my next post, Ruth Ayers thanked me for joining the community! 

I was so excited the next morning as I read their comments on my blog, I responded to THEIR comments, adding, "NOW I REALLY get how the kids feel when I respond to THEIR writing!"

There are a LOT of new slicers this year and having the community grow to over 300 makes responding to all the newbies challenging....but then I remember that this is part of MY challenge to PASS some encouragement FORWARD.   Certainly, our verbal and written comments can inspire ALL readers, writers, and in fact everyone we meet, each and every day! 

As a former assistant principal used to say every day, "Make it a good day!"  I really do hope it is a good day for you. 



Michelle Haseltine said...

I love this post! I, too, think back to the beginning. I'm trying to find new blogs to comment and stay up to date with my friends too. It's not easy, but I love it! Thanks for being a consistent and inspiring commenter on my writing!

Beth Scanlon said...

We started the challenge the same year! I have always loved returning to people I know, but I try to find newbies to post to as well.

ssurridge said...

I also started in 2012 and I still feel inadequate to have others read my posts, but I get such a thrill when anyone does! You are right, it helps us understand how exciting it is when our students get comments. I sure wish there was another hour in the day because it is so hard to read as many slices as I would like.

ashley dawn said...

I have been slacking on my commenting the past couple of days. I am deep into report card comments. But I plan to go back over the next few days and do lots of commenting!! Thanks for your hard work to help new slicers feel that joy of a comment.

Barbara Suter said...

Commenting is the engine that drives this busload of writers. I, too, felt euphoric over my first received comments. I have tried to be a diligent and thoughtful commentor ever since!

Loralee said...

Such a great slice! Captures that wonderful feeling we get!