Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#SOL17 Happy Hour at Rehab?

"I'm trying," she said softly, "but PT (physical therapy) is very hard. Perhaps this is easier for people who jogged all their lives?  They expect me to be like Jack La Lane!"

I try to be a little bit sympathetic and a little bit the "stern" niece as I as encourage her to keep trying. "This would be hard for even Jack La Lane," I respond, pretty sure that La Lane was a chain of gyms back in my youth? 

"They all seem to forget that I had shingles and now I have shingles pain!  They say  that's the worst pain you can have.  I didn't believe that before, but now I do.  It's stabbing burning pain just like they say on TV."

I try to be a little bit sympathetic and a little bit the "stern" niece as I as encourage her to keep trying. "You have to ask for pain meds when you need them," I remind, "and you have to be stronger to go home."

"I keep missing Days of Our Lives,"  she says, this time smiling, but I'm pretty sure my life is a Soap Opera these days.  Maybe you should write a book about this?

I too smiled realizing that I cannot "fix" any of my Aunt's problems, but I can listen to them  I'm thinking that nonagenarians stuck in the rehab with a broken femur really just need to vent, just like we all do! Perhaps some sort of "happy hour" with music, fruity drinks and a chance to complain about the work would help?


Melanie Meehan said...

Love how we're in the moment with you and your aunt, Anita. And so much of life is about building habits, whether it's writing, exercising, or watching our favorite soap operas. Great snippet of a moment!

Mary Ann Reilly said...

Anita, love the dialogue in here and internal thoughts.
I actually think your idea of a nonalcoholic happy hour is a great idea. We need to connect and then thenplace we are at doesn't seem so foreign. I'd suggest it to whoever is in charge.

elsie said...

What a good niece you are to support and encourage your aunt. Perhaps you should bring that drink as a reward for surviving therapy. Your aunts words remind me, I hope to never experience shingles, I had the shot but that isn't always effective.

arjeha said...

I have found that so many seniors (and I count myself in that group) just want some to talk to and listen to what they have to say. So glad that you are there to give your aunt what she needs.

Tara said...

Listening is such a gift for "seniors" - really listening, as you did.