Thursday, March 23, 2017

#SOL17 Day 23 Turning 94

Spending this birthday in rehab,
That quagmire of post-hospital life
For those whose recovery may be prolonged
For those who need 10 days to recover
For each 1 day in the hospital
Been there for 9 weeks
There is no end is sight
Been strengthening her leg
Physical therapy twice a day
Been letting the femur heal
Waiting, hoping, praying
Been dealing with pain
Shingles, muscles, bones,
Been dealing with,
"I can't shift myself
In the wheelchair,"
Been missing her home
Her Hershey Kisses
Her breakfasts at noon,
Been missing her TV
Been missing her soap opera
Today she will be
Up early
Working out (PT, OT)
Drinking power shakes (Ensure)
Doing what she has to do
Turning 94


Michelle Haseltine said...

I love how this ended, "working out, drinking power shakes"
HAPPY 94th Birthday!!
Tough to spend it in rehab, but she'll be surrounded with love.

Linda B said...

She must be a determined woman, Anita. I'm sorry for the length of stay. How awful for her. But, Happy, Happy Birthday with the biggest celebration that can be.

Ramona said...

So poignant to catalog the things she is missing, but then that determination to end the poem:
"Up early...Working...Drinking...Doing what she has to do. Turning 94." Happy birthday to your poem. I bet you'll celebrate this weekend!

Ramona said...

Happy birthday to your MOM!

Unknown said...

What strength she has! Turning 94 is already a feat, but to be experiencing all that she is experiencing (the broken femur, shifting in the wheelchair), it makes this feat all the more special! Thanks for sharing this slice!