Tuesday, March 28, 2017

#sol17 Day 29 City Mouse Country Mouse

I'm sure you  know the classic tale of City Mouse and Country Mouse.  My second graders are have been working on determining "central messages," and their take-aways from this Aesop fable made me smile!

"I think it's about how you should not say mean things to people.  Like in our morning message we promise to be nice to each other.  You shouldn't say you don't​ like someone's bed and you shouldn't say their bed is too hard or too soft or just right and fall asleep on it"

"You should be nice to people in the city and in the country, too.  You should be nice to people everywhere!!"

"I think the author means you should not try to sleep in places like barns because it might hurt.  And you should not sleep in the city where there are too many people and it's noisy. You should sleep in your own bed."  

"I think you should be happy.. You shouldn't want to live anywhere else but where you live."

I offered another perspective about how how a peaceful and happy life might be best based on how the City Mouse had to live in fear, paraphrasing, second grade style, Aesop's moral: Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear.  But I must admit their ideas are good messages too. 


Loralee said...

Their take-aways made me smile too!

Dana Murphy said...

I love their ideas! All very important as well - especially that you shouldn't sleep in places like barns because it might hurt!

Linda B said...

I'm glad you shared, very cute and it seems that final one is so right.

travelinma said...

I love listening to kids. Their messages made me smile all the way through this post. Thank you.