Monday, March 6, 2017

#sol17 Day 6 Shoos and Gam Mees

"Ma ma," she said and pointed to her mom.
"Bi bi," she smiled and pointed to herself.
"Nooz," she continued, proudly pointing to her nose.
"Eeer," she continued on naming another body part because when you are just figuring out this talking thing, you can't practice too much.
"Ow si," she continue proudly pointing to the door and thinking someone once took her outside when she uttered those sounds.  It just might happen again..
"Shoo," she said proudly, just in case we forgot that you learned to walk so you could get sparkly zebra print shoes.
"Gam mee," she continued.  I wasn't sure what this meant without a video of what she was pointing to, so I didn't respond right away.

"That's right," her mom said proudly,"Grammy is on the phone. Where are you going," her mom wondered aloud as she toddled off waving good-bye?

But, Bi bi knew she had done her "job" for the moment.  She had added a word to her vocabulary and made her Gam mee's heart beat just a bit faster!


Liz McKenna said...

My daughter is in this stage now and it is the best! It's wonderful to hear her say words we didn't even know she knew. Last night she announced, "towel!" when she was done with her bath. Too cute! Thank you for sharing!

Linda B said...

So sweet that you could hear her, and that she talked to you. I'm glad you shared. My grandchildren are way too old & showing off other things now. The little ones bring smiles every time.

Tara said...

What a sweet moment!

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous, Anita. I am fascinated by the language development of little children. They are creators of their own meaning. I love your title.
I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you and a comment you made recently on my blog in my most recent post. If interested, you can read it here Thank you for adding your words and wisdom to inspire me. :)