Tuesday, March 12, 2019

#sol19 March 12th Snow Wife

We are almost halfway through the SOL challenge! 
"I'm going to read this book to you," she said confidently as she sat "criss-cross-applesauce" and placed her book confidently in one hand with the pictures facing her audience. She clearly knew how to read books in a school setting.

"This is Cinderella and this is Mulan and this is Elsa and this is Snow Wife," she said pointing to the stickers in the "book."

I had already had my hand slapped for modeling pronunciation of a word, so I listened with one ear and let my mind wander into how a new-age version of the Grimm tale might look with Snow Wife:

Once upon a time, there was a young teacher/doctor/social worker/store manager (you choose) who was planning a winter wedding to her long time man-friend. They had lived together for years/a while (you choose) and had solved problems like which car/refrigerator/sofa/paint (you choose) to buy.

They both loved the cold weather, skiing, sledding, snow hiking (you choose) and they both were interested in ways to be socially responsible/culturally responsible/gender neutral (you choose). They thought about having a fairy tale wedding in a large reception hall and in a small winery. They thought about celebrating their love indoors and outdoors and about eloping to Bermuda/Aruba/Florida (you choose) but nothing seemed just right. 

One day, they were walking through the woods on a snowy morning and it just seemed right. So they sent out the invitations, hoping and praying for snow. When Mother Nature did not provide snow, they hired 7 snow making machines from a local ski area to blanket their setting with snow. Snow Wife and Snow Husband along with their parents, including their loving step-parents, were warmed by the sun and family love while nestled in the snowy woods as they publicly stated the promise they had long made to each other. 

Disney thought the story was so lovely, they decided to make a movie with a new non-traditional Disney main character who was part of a family balancing careers, family-life, hobbies, sports, interests, illnesses, challenges (you choose). They lived happily ever after, were respectful to one another, and their families respected their choices and decisions. 

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