Tuesday, March 24, 2020

#sol20 Day 24 Thank Goodness for Technology

Yesterday, I
Zoom-chatted with graduate students
Sharing projects, books too good to miss,
Sharing fears, concerns, hopes
(to get through the semester).

Video-chatted with preschoolers
Sharing show-and-tell and No David.
Sharing laughs, giggles, hopes 
(to see you soon).

Go-Noodled with preschoolers,
Popping imaginary bubbles
While the snow-flake-infused rain fell.
Sharing movement, exercise, hopes
(to get outside soon).

Video-messaged with a 4-year-old
Who now has his own Messenger account
Sharing his rainbow, walls, hopes
(to see you soon).


Ramona said...

I join your gratitude call-out. Technology is a blessing indeed. I've been using FT for story time, but linked up today on Zoom to include all three grandsons at once.

Fran Haley said...

So fun, and aren't we all counting our tech blessings. Love those ending lines, sharing rainbow walls, and Go-Noodling, popping imaginary bubbles, and David Shannon. I've read A Bad Case of Stripes 1,000,000 times to my granddaughter who at age 3 got the weird humor and said it should be called A Bed Case of Stripes. Moments to live for - even if by video. :)