Friday, March 20, 2020

#sol20 Dog Days

Normally, I think of "dog days" as those hazy hot days of summer when dogs dig a pit in the cool earth and rest from the heat of the day.

Yet, one of the interesting "noticings" from looking out my window, working in my yard, and taking many walks (of late) is that dogs seem to be really enjoying this new "work-learn-stay-at-home" world.

Tails a-wagging-enthusiastically, a parade of pooches, large and small, can be seen leading pandemic-weary owners around the block, up the street, and out of their funks.  I'm guessing there have been more morning-midday-evening walks than usual for most of these pooches based on their enthusiasm!

In this new world of social distancing, the dogs have become adept at keeping their distance, crossing the street as needed, and at least most of the time, becoming more aloof when other dogs are around!

So on this first full day of spring, I declare this one of those dog days.  (I wish I had a dog right now!)


Dogtrax said...

I can say: our dog -- elderly and lovable -- has been a godsend in this home/lockdown mode. We're all spending lots of time with him (so much so, I think he misses his long day sleep sessions). It's calming, though.

Melanie White said...

Get a dog! Mine is the balm for all, comforting us always, and protecting even when we don't need it. Dogs should be our guides for how to live. Never hold a grudge. Love equally. Nap often and enjoy what you eat. (I can think of a lot other funny images too, which is the other joy of having dog - they make us laugh!)

Celia Fisher said...

Yes, I'm sure dogs I giving most owners some comfort these days, along with cats. And dogs will get you out of the house. Thanks for pointing out their value in your slice and giving us a different perspective on this new way of life!

BethMooreSChool said...

Yep - 2020 is definitely turning out to be a great year for dogs. Not so much for their humans, though! My dog is so happy to have us home all day - and we're so happy to have him.