Sunday, March 1, 2020

SOL20 Day 1 Potential Slices

I'm feeling anxious, 
Like when you approach the podium,
Yet, it's my 9th time,
It will get easier every day.
I'll be looking at everything
I see, hear, do,
As potential slices.

I'm a Mom, Meme, Auntie, Great Auntie,
I'm a Sister, Sister in Law, Friend,
I'm a semi-retired Literacy Specialist
Adjunct Professor, Mentor,
Online Course Developer.
Hopeful book publisher.
I'm renovating a kitchen and a bathroom,
(I probably could find 31 slices right there)
I love to walk, swim, sew.

Along with my writing challenge,
I'm doing a 31 minutes (at least) for 31 days,
Exercise and clean eating challenge.
I'm painting walls,
Busy trying to
Put my house/life together.
Plant a few seeds/gardens,
Every moment
A potential slice.
No wonder I am feeling anxious!

I'm participating in the SOL March Writing Challenge.
I'm planning to write a little slice of my life each day in March. 
I'm also going to encourage new bloggers as a member of the Welcome Wagon.


tenkoranmaah said...

You are doing it all! You are an inspiration to me. All the best as we journey together this March

Dr. Macie Kerbs said...

I really appreciate how you started this challenge with a poem. It was reassuring to hear that the angst doesn't disappear with frequency of participations! And it sounds like you have quite the stories to tell this month!