Monday, March 29, 2021

#sol21 March 29 Great British Bump Off

Before we started,
I needed to find the link
Buried in a sea of texts and emails. 
"Was I supposed to download something?"
"Do we have to bake something?"
Others began roll playing right away.
It seemed as if they had done this before!
I scanned the directions,
Tried to understand my character,
Made a cup of tea.

Oops, timed out of Zoom.
Resend, restart,
Change my screen name
Introduce ourselves, 
I became Cia Batta, 
Self-centered opera singer.

One donned a hat,
No other costumes,
No sets, no props,
No cake, no rolls,
A virtual, for sure
 Baking competition
Murder investigation.

A socially distanced family celebration,
Aunties, uncles,
Cousins, second cousins,
A birthday from afar
2020-2021 style. 

1 comment:

Tim Wheeler said...

IT sounds like a grand time!! And the way you told it was delightful. I found myself intrigued by your retelling!