Thursday, March 18, 2021

#sol21 MARCH 18 Slices: Of Pizza


I've been trying to walk in order to deal with Covid-feeling-sorry-for-myself-pounds, and I have have found more than one slice for the TWT's March Challenge in my neighborhood.

During the past year, cardboard recycling days mean stacks of Amazon, Target, Walmart, Chewy, and Misfits boxes spilling onto sidewalks, waiting to be crushed, repurposed and reused. Many of the boxes are well marked, big and boxy!  Some families "shop around," but most seem to have a favorite online shopping spot or two.

Yet, in front of almost every house, no matter who they use as an online retailer of choice, there are smaller, but also easily recognized boxes, (two or three or four every week) that seems to be happily nestled between the bigger boxes. These thin boxes do not easily deconstruct and thus sit in-situ waiting the recycling rangers.

One constant of the last year is the consumption of pizza, at least in my neighborhood!  It seems that everyone is eating multiple slices of pizza, every week! 

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Natalie Dunne said...

My husband and I used to call those days our "garbage walks" lol. It was always so interesting what people threw out, especially big things. And then, with recycling bins just out there for you to see, there's definitely some observing that you just can't help.

One year, I was helping with my son's Valentines day party and the craft needed cereal boxes. I had a lot on my own but needed more. So I walked up and down the street and stole boxes from people's bins!