Sunday, March 21, 2021

#sol21 March 21 Closer to Normal


They took a few trucks from the garage
Slowly, lovingly, they drove them through the muddy garden,
I wonder if deep inside, they were remembering the last time.

They took the aging tractor out for a spin, or two or three,
Peddling with gusto as if they were on a mission,
I wonder if they were remembering Sundays before quarantine. 

They took out the soccer balls and the basketballs,
We practiced shooting and dribbling,
I wonder if they were thinking how much stronger they were
After a year.

They ran and played and laughed and were giddy,
Even though we stayed outside and we wore masks,
I wonder if they were thinking this was the new normal
Or if it means we are closer to normal?


Carol said...

It sounds like this was a really special reunion! Time with grandchildren, even doing the simple stuff, is the absolute best. Here's hoping there is lots more "new normal."

Britt Decker said...

I love the tenderness in this sweet poem. I also like the format in each stanza, thank you for sharing!

Terje said...

I am so happy for you!

Sharon said...

So happy for you! I saw 2 of my grandchildren this weekend that I haven't seen since November (when it got too cold to visit outside). Such a great feeling.

Ramona said...

Love how all the fun stuff came out of the garage. So glad you had time together.

Meaghan said...

I love that you wrote this in prose. I had a similar experience today - took my kids to my parents' house for the first time post-covid. Now I'm regretting that I didn't write about it with a poem!