Tuesday, March 16, 2021

#sol21 MARCH 16 Vestiges of an English Garden


I'm writing every day in March as part of Two Writing Teacher's Slice of Life.  It's a challenge to find something to say every day, but this community's support encourages and empowers writers!

My backyard is really just a large muddy area these days, where I am told, there once was there an incredible English garden. The garden was the work of an avid gardener and her mother who worked tirelessly throughout the summer to nurture bulbs, replant seedlings, and coax vines.  

My neighbor shared her children's prom pictures in a field of amazing azaleas, ravishing rhododendrons, draping dogwoods, and some pretty phlox as ground cover. Those spring colors were incredible and the stone patio was vaguely familiar. 

I will never know the English garden that once was, but each spring, in the days before the deer, rabbits and weeds return, I see glimpses of what might have been.  

This morning, these tiny crocuses poked through the muddy mess as a reminder that while that English garden is long gone, spring in still near.  


Clare Landrigan said...

I love the contrast you create in the last line ... so true that there is always a glimpse of something in everything. Still a foot of snow here ... waiting for my glimpse to sprout. said...

Life returns again and again.

Glenda Funk said...

I’m still awaiting signs of spring flowers, so I’m the meantime I’m enjoying seeing others’ sprouting plants. This spring these signs of green offer much-needed hope.

Trina Bartel said...

I am still waiting for signs of Spring too. I love the juxtaposition in your post