Saturday, March 20, 2021

#sol21 March 20 You Can Only Have One


This month, I am trying to write every day
Thanks to the TWT SOL Challenge

"You can only pick one," she emphasized again to her virtual students.

"I don't have one," he continued, challenging the need to pick one. 

"Then just choose one season you like the best today," she concluded, "and write your answer in a sentence," she reminded them all.

I had been grading paper in another room, but the question lingered in my mind. How would answer that question? 

I guess I would start with saying spring is my favorite because it is springing out of the long barren earth and the sunshine is warming our long bereft souls. I love to watch the pussy willows pop and the forsythia brighten the landscape. I love to see children outside running and taking on the power of the sun.  

But, I adore summer and the opportunity (for teachers) to recoup and realign the demands of personal and professional lives.  I love to lie on the sand on the beach and consume novels as if they were chips, I am empowered by the morning breeze through an open window and an evening breeze after a hot day. 

And, I also love the crunch of leaves and the feel of a sweatshirt on that first cool morning. I love the smell of new pencils, shoes and pumpkin coffee.  I am empowered to be outside soaking up the colors and magic of fall, every year,

Of course, I still get excited for those lights that twinkle over the first snow. I love the warmth of a familiar coat and the excitement of a snowy hill. I love to snuggle under a warm blanket and decorate with abandon. I love the "memories" of this season and the "time" winter offers to craft, sew, read, and write.

I am so glad I did not have to pick just one. 


Deborah said...

You really highlight the beauty of every season. After reading, I don't want to have to choose just one. Honestly, I've always disliked "What's your favorite questions". So many great lines in your post! I love the image of devouring books like chips :)

Ramona said...

I agree that every season can be a favorite time of year. I love snuggling under a warm blanket too and forsythia brightening the landscape and consuming novels as if they were chips and the crunch of leaves. You painted a lovely picture of each season.