Saturday, March 27, 2021

#sol21 March 27 His Story


This month, I am writing daily
Two Writing Teachers' SOL Challenge

We see each other, 
Almost daily from afar,
People of a certain age,
Donning ear pods, windbreakers,
Walking as if our lives depended on it,
While so many others run by,
Just before sunrise.

I've long wondered
About his story.
Where does he live?
Is he walking before he spends
Too many hours watching television?
Is he walking to manage stress?
Is he walking to keep off pounds?
Is he walking to keep up with grandchildren?
Is his wife still asleep?
Does his wife relish the break when he walks?
Is he recovering from a heart attack?
Is he a former runner with a knee injury?
Clearly, I've written his story
In my mind.

I've long wondered
If he wonders about
My story?


Sally said...

I enjoyed reading your list as you ponder the story of the stranger you see as you both routinely walk. Your post shows you to be an observant and imaginative writer. You reminded me of Matt de la Pena's newest picutre book, Milo Imagines the World. I recommend if you haven't read it yet!

Fran said...

Your walk did give you your slice today, because you think like a writer. I feel compassion in your musings. And your wondering if he ever wonders about you- its. Interesting to think how some walk mostly absorbed in their own mind, while others look outward...t

Terje said...

A walk + an encounter + pondering = a poem slice is born. I too sometimes look at others and wonder what stories they carry.

Heidi's Musings said...

I also walk to find story ideas. I love how you ask questions of this stranger. Interesting exercise (physical and mental). I shall think about this on my next walk. Thanks for the poem.

Melanie Meehan said...

It's funny how we can see the same people over and over but know so little about them, and I really appreciate how you're wondering about one of these people.